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Surface Preparation and Protective Coatings Specialist

Proudly Serving Australia since 1983

Tranzblast Coating Services (Aust) Pty Ltd is one of the largest and most respected abrasive blasting and industrial protective coatings applicators in Australia providing surface coating protection against steelwork corrosion. We pride ourselves in delivering a flexible service, offering a commitment to nurturing positive client relationships and an understanding of the rigorous demands in our clients’ project work.

Backed by qualified personnel to NACE® International standards, Tranzblast brings integrity and quality to achieving the final outcome. Specialists in surface preparation, application of protective coatings, cranage and transportation – a potent combination that consistently ensures increased productivity, efficiency and cost effectiveness whilst never losing sight of the importance to so safely.

With a clear vision to the future, Tranzblast continues to jealously guard its solid industry-wide reputation and commitment to providing attractive single source solutions for private and public enterprise clients in numerous sectors.