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Tranzblast Coating Services strives to provide a coordinated, all-inclusive service focussing around our 4 main sectors:

Abrasive Blasting – Surface preparation is imperative for quality finishes
Protective Coating – Single and Multi-coat Industrial Paint Systems for the protection of your steel
Transport – Our diverse fleet offers convenient transport services to our clients
Mobile Crane – To assist with any lifting and shifting requirements

Our purpose built facility, plant, equipment and heavy transport fleet sets us apart from our competitors enabling us to offer a full coordinated service accommodating your requirements. These divisions add to the strength of Tranzblast Coating Services by effectively and efficiently looking after your job from pick up to processing to site delivery.

For over 30 years, Tranzblast Coating Services has been involved with the Protective Coating Applications on a majority of the major projects in Brisbane and throughout Queensland and New South Wales. The diversity of these projects includes works performed for Government bodies and Private Enterprise.