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Protective Coating

Tranzblast has applied single, multi-coat and intumescent industrial protective coating systems on numerous projects throughout Queensland as well as across Australia.

Coating applications are performed in 5 purpose-built paint sheds providing an undercover painting capacity in excess of 10,000m2.

Our Internal Quality Assurance System and NACE qualified inspections maintain a very high standard and quality workmanship, meeting your specifications and time schedules in this very demanding industry.

Tranzblast is qualified by The Sherwin-Williams Company (Australia) as an approved installer of FIRETEX® passive fire protection systems which includes FIRETEX FX6002, FIRETEX FX2005 and FIRETEX FX5090.

Designed for off-site application, FIRETEX FX6002 unique patented technology allows a two-hour fire protection system to be applied in a single coat and be ready to handle in as little as one hour. FIRETEX FX6002 can be used in environmental classifications up to C5 corrosivity category.

  • Durability – FIRETEX FX6002 has been formulated to provide protection across a wide range of steel with a competitive fire rating solution up to 120 minutes. It provides extended durability with appropriate topcoat and can resist weather conditions up to 6 months without a topcoat during the construction phase.
  • Aesthetics & Sustainability – FIRETEX FX6002 provides an attractive and easy to apply finish, helping designers to obtain aesthetically pleasing fire protection to exposed structural steel surfaces. An added benefit is its VOC properties at 24 gm/l.
  • Fast Track Construction – The ultra-fast drying time of FIRETEX FX6002 removes drying “bottlenecks” for both on-site and off-site, and ultimately contributes to fast track construction efficiencies and time savings by allowing other trades to operate quickly after the coating application process.